An-Najah National University is a prominent research portal and is one of ‎the largest universities ‎in Palestine. Despite the difficult political situations ‎that encounter the State of Palestine, the ‎university insists to push the ‎wagon of scientific research onward.‎

Since 1986, An-Najah has published more than 1500 research articles ‎indexed in SCOPUS ‎database. The university also obtained several patents ‎that allowed researchers to exchange ‎experiences with experts from more ‎than 100 countries around the world. In addition to that, the ‎articles ‎published by An-Najah has received more than 15000 citations in different ‎international ‎research papers according to SCOPUS.‎

An-Najah research production tackles important subjects in the fields of medicine ‎and health ‎sciences, social science, natural science, engineering and information ‎technology.‎