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إسم المجلة

محمد صباح

Improved shelf-life of Nabulsi cheese wrapped with hydrocolloid films

Food Hydrocolloids

سفيان سمارة

Intelligent Real-Time Photovoltaic Panel
Monitoring System Using Artificial
Neural Network

IEEE access

عماد النتشة

شادي صوالحة

Carbon nanodot-based heterostructures for improving the charge separation and the photocurrent generation


تامر خطيب

Rehabilitation of Mauritanian oasis using an optimal photovoltaic based irrigation system

Energy conversion and Management

عادل الجعيدي

Urban design to achieving the sustainable energy of residential neighbourhoods in arid climate

Journal of Cleaner Production

منار قمحية

Applying Blended Learning in Programming Courses

IEEE access

أسماء عفيفي

منى ضميدي

محمد عثمان

Optimising an eco-friendly vehicle routing problem model using
regular and occasional drivers integrated with driver behaviour

Journal of Cleaner Production

يحيى صالح

أشرف صوافطه

Ultrasonic synthesis of Oct. trans-Br2Cu(N ∩ N)2 Jahn-Teller distortion complex: XRD-properties, solvatochromism, thermal, kinetic and DNAbinding evaluations

Ultrasonics - Sonochemistry

اسماعيل وراد

شريف مسامح

محمد السعيد

The magnetic properties of GaAs parabolic quantum dot in the presence of donor impurity, magnetic and electric fields

Chinese Journal of Physics

إيهاب حجازي

On the networking synthesis of studio factors to the integration of design pedagogy

PloS one

أيسر ياسين

The Impact of Dispatchability of Parabolic Trough CSP Plants over PV Power Plants in Palestinian Territories

International Journal of Photoenergy

خالد الساحلي

Modeling Geometric Design Consistency and Road Safety for Two-Lane Rural Highways in the West Bank, Palestine

Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering

محمد دويكات

عماد النتشة

TToward Better PV Panel’s Output Power Prediction; a Module Based on Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network with Exogenous Inputs

Applied Sciences/ MDPI

سفيان سمارة

أنس طعمة

Nanoparticle Classification Using Frequency Domain Analysis on Resource-Limited Platforms

معين عمر

Temperature impacts on the performance parameters of grid connected PV systems based on field measurements in Palestine

IET Renewable Power Generation

سمير شديد

Developing GIS-based water poverty and rainwater harvesting suitability maps for domestic use in the Dead Sea region (West Bank, Palestine)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

محمد المصري

أمجد عيسى

Assessment of uncertainty propagation using first-order Markov chain for maintenance of pavement degradation

عبدالحليم خضر

On-the-road testing of the effects of driver’s experience, gender, speed, and road grade on car emissions

Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association

ماهر أبو بكر

Data Mining Applications in Understanding Electricity Consumers' Behavior : A Case study of Tulkarm District, Palestine


شحده جودة

Efficiency of magnetic chitosan supported on graphene for removal of perchlorate ions from wastewater

Environmental Technology (UK)

حكمت هلال

Kaolin-supported ZnO nanoparticle catalysts in self-sensitized tetracycline photodegradation: Zero-point charge and pH effects

Applied Clay Science

 عاهد زيزد


أماني الزعبي

حكمت هلال

Optimized opto-electronic and mechanical properties of orthorhombic methylamunium lead halides (MAPbX 3 ) (X = I, Br and Cl) for photovoltaic applications, Solar Energy 2019

Solar Energy

أسماء الأسمر

The Effect of Transglutaminase to Improve the Quality of Either Traditional or Pectin-Coated Falafel (Fried Middle Eastern Food)


محمد السعيد

The magnetic properties of GaAs parabolic quantum dot in the presence of donor impurity, magnetic and electric fields

Chinese Journal of Physics

محمد النوري

Untargeted metabolite profiling and phytochemical analysis of Micromeria fruticosa L. (Lamiaceae) leaves

Food Chemistry

إسماعيل وراد

ضرار الصمادي

Chemical and Biochemical Approaches for the Synthesis of Substituted Dihydroxybutanones and Di-, and Tri-Hydroxypentanones

Journal of Organic Chemistry

عاهد زيود

Photocatalytic degradation of phenazopyridine contaminant in soil with direct solar light

Environmental Technology

حكمت هلال

 شحدة جودة

Health Risk Associated with Some Trace and Some Heavy Metals Content of Harvested Rainwater in Yatta Area, Palestine


عبد الفتاح حسن

شحدة جودة

Dual Component Polymeric Epoxy-Polyaminoamide Based Zinc Phosphate Anticorrosive Formulation for 15CDV6 Steel


منذر صعيدي

Medical faculty members’ perception of smartphones as an educational tool

BMC Medical Education

عبد الكريم أيوب

غادة اشبيطة

عقاب الجبالي

جهاد عبدالله

Clinical and socio-demographic parameters contributing to treatment incompliance in Palestinian patients with diabetes

Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism

عبدالخالق عيسي

Stable Isotope Dietary Analysis on Human Remains: A case Study at Khirbet Aqabet Al Qadi Burial Chamber, Nablus, Palestine


عامر القبج

محمد الخطيب

لؤي أبو السعود

سامر مدلل

Incidence of White Striping and Its Effect on the Quality Traits of Raw and Processed Turkey Breast Meat

Food Science of Animal Resources

بلال حمامرة

The misogynist representation of women in Palestinian oral tradition: a socio-political study


علاء رزية

Market structure, performance, and efficiency: Evidence from the MENA banking sector

International Review of Economics and Finance

رابح مرار

The Role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Enhancing Service Sector Productivity in Palestine: An International Perspective

Journal of Global Information Management

اسلام عبدالجواد

كامل صالح

Sensorless Speed Control of Five-Phase PMSM Drives in Case of a Single-Phase Open-Circuit Fault

Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical Engineering

حاتم عطالله

Effects of equilibration media and co-culture on vitrification of sheep blastocysts derived in vitro

Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi

يعقوب بطة

New findings on infestation and phenology of Dasineura oleae Angelini (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae): an emerging pest on olive trees in the Palestinian Territories

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protectio

غالب عدوان

Molecular Identification of Two Larval Trematodes in Melanopsis praemorsa (L., 1758) Intermediate Host from the West Bank-Palestine

Pak. Journal of Zoology

غدير عمر

In vitro haemostatic efficacy of aqueous, methanol and ethanol plant extracts of three medicinal plant species in Palestine.

Brazilian Journal of Biology

علي بركات

هبه بوريني

محمد السعيد

The magnetization and magnetic susceptibility of GaAs Gaussian quantum dot with donor impurity in a magnetic field

Modern Physics Letters B

سامر مدلل

Evaluation of Physico-chemical Properties and Selected Antibiotic Residues in UHT Milk Marketed in Palestine

Journal of food safety and food quality

بسام ابو شنب

جهاد عبدالله

ميس شديد  

Design and performance investigation of Continuous Solar Desalination Unit (CSDU)

Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects

عامر الهموز

معاذ كركي

Composition Operators on de Branges–Rovnyak Spaces

J. Results Math

الما رشيد

Malnutrition and its association with functional, cognitive and psychological status among Palestinian older adults in long-term care houses

educational gerontology

منال بدرساوي

عكرمة شهاب

The translation of Palestinian prisoners’ cryptic security Arabic terms into English


عبدالكريم دراغمة

أحمد غضية

Urban Built-Up Area Estimation and Change Detection of the Occupied West Bank, Palestine, Using Multi-temporal Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing

أحمد قبها

Decolonizing History and Depoliticizing Territory: Raja Shehadeh’s Palestinian Walks: Notes on a Vanishing Landscape

International Journal of Postcolonial Studies