Interdisciplinary Research at An-Najah National University

At An-Najah National University, interdisciplinary research is highly valued, serving as a vital component of academic exploration and problem-solving. This approach, which integrates methodologies, theories, and perspectives from multiple disciplines, is essential for tackling complex societal challenges comprehensively. By transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries, interdisciplinary research fosters innovation, collaboration, and the development of novel solutions to pressing global issues. An-Najah National University places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging faculty and students to work together across departments and faculties. One prominent focus of interdisciplinary research at the university involves the integration of disciplines such as chemistry, agriculture, biology, and pharmacy. Collaborative projects in this area aim to address critical issues such as agricultural sustainability, food security, and environmental conservation. Additionally, interdisciplinary research initiatives between the faculties of engineering and chemistry are driving innovation in materials science, with a focus on renewable energy, environmental remediation, and biomedical engineering. By combining expertise from diverse fields, interdisciplinary research at An- Najah National University seeks to advance knowledge, add address societal needs, and drive positive change on a global scale. The table below shows the growth of interdisciplinary research in the past four years.

The research committee at ANNU is currently revising the interdisciplinary research awards, and the ANNU committee for academic promotion to give extra points for interdisciplinary research.

Our Research Institutes to offer a new approach to solving problems of global importance. They build on existing strengths and bring together academic talents from across a range of disciplines.

There are also number of multidisciplinary research centers and labs working across the University on a broad range of subjects. These include:


Total Research

Interdisciplinary research (IR)

IR Percentage




10 %




12 %




18 %




20 %

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Company Name: Jusoor labs

Founded: 2018


Field: Education - Virtual - Science and Laboratories

Jusoor is an educational platform that provides virtual laboratories for science subjects to solve the problem of lack of equipment and materials, their high cost, or the danger of some experiments. This allows university and school students to enjoy laboratories and experience them online easily and safely at any time.


Company Name: Edu-tech

Founded: 2022


Field: Technological – educational

Edutech merges education and modern technology, but in a different way that will improve the quality of education and consolidate information in the student's mind. Edutech focuses primarily on integrating virtual reality with university education to enhance students' understanding of the material and make the learning experience more realistic. Edutech is a simple website that connects students who want to learn with experienced students who can give lessons for a fee. These lessons can be either in-person or online, and in both cases, there are options to include virtual reality. Edutech will provide virtual reality equipment to students by renting it out with the required lecture for a small fee that benefits the company and is at the same time affordable for students. The lectures are prepared by the company and contain the study material for the student using virtual or augmented reality, for example, to transport the student to the human body to learn about the processes that take place inside it.


Company Name: Eco-spire

Founded: 2021


Field: Education - Environmental - industrial

The first-ever eco-friendly packaging material proudly Made in Palestine, and achieved without cutting down a single tree! Olive trees are a staple of the Palestinian landscape. Their olives contribute significantly to the local economy. However, this abundance creates a waste problem: olive pulp. This byproduct has a foul odor, attracts swarms of insects, and is typically disposed of by burning. This practice releases dangerous toxic pollution and reduces crop yields, harming both Palestinian livelihoods and the environment.

Company Name: Smart hand

Founded: 2021

Website: N/A

Field: Medical - technological - artificial intelligence

The Smart Hand Project is a device in the shape of a glove that is worn on the hand. It contains all kinds of sensors responsible for measuring the vital signs in the human body. Through it, we can obtain an electrocardiogram (EKG) by simply placing the palm of the hand on the heart. It is completely free of any external wires and has no disturbing sounds. It is connected to an application on the mobile phone that analyzes all the data and can predict the occurrence of any future diseases.

Company Name: ADHD

Founded: 2021

Website: N/A

Field: Medical "specialized in genetic diseases - technology - artificial intelligence

This project explores a new approach to treating ADHD in children, particularly in regions with high prevalence like Palestine. Traditional methods like medication or therapy have limitations, and animal-assisted therapy, while effective, isn't always accessible. The project proposes robot-assisted therapy as a safe, effective, and affordable alternative. The study at ANNU showed significant improvement in ADHD symptoms for children who received robot therapy compared to traditional methods. The robot acts as a companion, playing games, offering support, and collecting data to personalize the therapy. This research suggests robot-assisted therapy has the potential to be a valuable tool in helping children with ADHD reach their full potential.

Company Name: Green Energy

Founded: 2021

Website: N/A

Field: Electrical & Renewable energy

The idea of this project is to create a new way to produce electrical energy and use it in several ways, using the heat generated or generated from the central heating system in universities or institutions to convert this heat into stored electricity that can be used in several uses, including lighting or providing dedicated places for charging mobile phones in a beautiful way. Also, in order to make electricity available throughout the year, solar cells have been used by adding them to the project. Thus, we have two renewable sources of electrical energy.

Company Name: ECO PAPE

Founded: 2022

Website: N/A

Field: Environmental – technological - industrial

Developing a sustainable solution for the vast quantities of olive pulp, a byproduct of olive oil extraction, is crucial due to its significant polluting potential and the environmental challenges associated with its disposal. The global scale of olive production amplifies this issue, demanding innovative waste management strategies. This project focuses on extracting pure cellulose from olive pulp and utilizing it to produce cellulose-based paper. By transforming this waste into a value-added product, we not only mitigate pollution but also contribute to resource efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Company Name: ALLERGY

Founded: 2022

Website: N/A

Field: Health – Technology

We propose the development of a comprehensive solution tailored to individuals with food allergies, encompassing both a user-friendly mobile application and an online store. Our innovative application will revolutionize how users navigate food products by employing cutting-edge technology to scan and analyze ingredient lists. By seamlessly comparing ingredients with the user's specific allergens, the app swiftly alerts users to potential risks, empowering them to make informed decisions about what they consume. Additionally, our curated online store will cater exclusively to individuals with various allergies, offering a diverse range of meticulously vetted products that meet their dietary needs. This integrated approach not only enhances accessibility to safe food options but also fosters a supportive community for individuals managing food allergies.

Company Name: Ezra’a

Founded: 2021

Website : N/A

Field: Environmental-technological

Due to diminishing arable land and increasing population, humanity needs to double its agricultural production by 2050. Agriculture currently accounts for 70% of total water consumption, with excessive pesticide use exacerbating environmental concerns. Introducing Ezra’a, an advanced hydroponic farming system designed for small-scale installation in ordinary homes, not exceeding 4 square meters. Ezra’a yields vegetables 5-10 times more efficiently than traditional farming while consuming 70% less water, requiring minimal space. Beneficiaries include individuals seeking additional income sources, health-conscious consumers, people with disabilities, and youth. The impact is increased vegetable productivity, reduced water and chemical consumption, and the transformation of cities into greener spaces.

Company Name: Brill

Founded: 2021

Website : N/A

Field: Medical "special needs" - technological

Due to the challenges faced by the blind in navigating the internet and reading texts, as well as the lack of privacy in their assistive devices, we have devised a solution to aid the blind, their centers, and individuals with visual impairments. We have developed a device that enables them to browse the internet in Arabic by converting text to Braille using Bluetooth. Additionally, we have incorporated glasses with a camera that analyzes any text it sees, converts it to Braille, and reads it aloud. One of the key features of this design is its user-friendly interface and wireless functionality. Its affordability makes it accessible to all, and its compact size allows users to carry it anywhere, ensuring their privacy.

Eng. Lubna Kino

Administrator, Interdisciplinary Research

The interdisciplinary research administrator at An-Najah National University plays an important role in fostering collaboration and innovation across diverse academic disciplines. Responsibilities include facilitating communication between researchers, coordinating resources such as funding and facilities, providing administrative support for projects, promoting the value of interdisciplinary research, and organizing training sessions.

Email: [email protected]