An-Najah National University has made impressive strides in the realm of scientific research, exemplified by the outstanding contributions of Dr. Sanaa Al-Sarghali, a distinguished professor of constitutional law at the Faculty of Law.

Dr. Al-Sarghali has been lauded for her exceptional co-authorship of a groundbreaking book on states of exception in the Arab world, titled "States of Exception or Exceptional States Law, Politics and Giorgio Agamben in the Middle East," which has been published by the renowned Bloomsbury publication in London, UK.

Her contribution to the book focuses on the legal situation in Palestine from the 2007 division to 2021, with particular emphasis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her chapter, titled "A Forced Marriage? Palestine and the State of Exception," delves into the intricate interplay between the concepts of the state of emergency, the state of necessity, and the state of exception during successive governments from 2007 until the eighteenth government.

Dr. Al-Sarghali's research provides a fresh perspective on the legal challenges that Palestine has faced, offering insights into the country's ongoing struggle for self-determination.

The book explores the application of the philosopher Giorgio Agamben's work to the post-Arab uprisings in the Middle East, examining the evolution of regime-society relations that culminated in violence in early 2011. Agamben's ideas of the state of exception and bare life offer critical intellectual tools for comprehending the nature of sovereignty and the regulation of life, which have been largely neglected in the study of the region.

By taking a multidisciplinary approach and examining the concept of the 'state of exception,' the book fills a theoretical and empirical gap, with contributions from experts in the fields of political science, law, and philosophy.

The book was the product of a collaboration between the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University and the An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre.

Dr. Al-Sarghali's co-authorship of this groundbreaking book highlights An-Najah University's dedication to advancing knowledge and understanding of critical issues facing the Middle East. Her expertise in constitutional law and her commitment to research make her an invaluable member of the University's academic community.

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